What is ASANKA?

ASANKA is a system that compiles and delivers rich content in a user friendly and easy to access format hosted on low cost, low powered durable device. ASANKA is the Ghanaian word for “community bowl”; it is a hub/collection of relevant content for all to access.

The content in video, audio, and text formats can be accessed with any device with wireless capabilities (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc). A single ASANKA device can support nearly 20 wireless devices and provides a more affordable way to deliver content to schools and colleges (both resident and non-resident students), community centers, libraries, homes, churches and offices – especially to underserved populations in villages.

Content Delivery Formats

There are diverse formats that ASANKA delivers content:

Interactive Quizzes

Learn with well developed Interactive quizzes


Take surveys as you learn


Learn with professional videos

Static information (PDF, Word Doc, Excel, PP)

Content is available in various downloadable formats

Interactive games

Play interactive games as you learn


Get progressive insights and usage statistics


ASANKA offers the following exciting benefits


- Cheaper to use ASANKA than to print all these huge content on paper
- Updates are cheaper because changes can be applied quickly and easily


- Faster to distribute content through traditional means
- Faster to get information where there is no Internet


- Easier to distribute lots of content to many people at the same time
- Easier to distribute content to large a number people without Internet


- You can put your own customized content on the device
- You can control what is accessible

Access to user monitoring and statistical data

- You can track what content is accessed
- You can see change over time with the surveys, interactive quizzes and games


its free and takes less than 30 seconds. Register


To pre-order your ASANKA, kindly call the following numbers:

+233 26 914 7400/24

+233 26 608 3575

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