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What is ASANKA?

ASANKA connects offline learners to local content for free. It is a low cost, low powered (5-Watts), durable (metal case) system that shares any content you decide using WiFi (without internet). You can load your own content or purchase with preloaded & curriculum (). And ASANKA Analytics* gives decision-makers evidence-based educational tools to improve teaching & learning outcomes.

One ASANKA can support 30 connections (for best performance) without incurring data or any other costs.

ASANKA is the Ghanaian word for “community bowl” and this ASANKA invites you to a virtual "community bowl" of free information for all.

*Requires an ASANKA Cloud Account


How we are helping schools

Do more with ASANKA

  • Quizzes

    Learn with interactive quizzes, which allows practice & tracking of progress.

  • Videos

    Learn with professional videos to improve outcomes.

  • Static

    Learn with unchangeable documents to improve outcomes.

  • Tools

    Learn with ASANKA Tools, allowing for practical application of computer skills. ASANKA tools are browser-based applications in which documents, spreadsheets, and slides can be created, edited & shared across the offline platform.

  • Games

    Learn with ASANKA World Games. These interactive choose-your-own-adventure games educate girls on making positive life choices around Health, Finance, Travel, Self-Confidence, Planning Your Future, Legal Rights, and more. These games were developed in collaboration with Michelle Obama's 'Let Girls Learn' initiative.

  • Analytics

    ASANKA Analytics* gives decision-makers evidence-based tools to improve outcomes.

  • Customize (Blank ASANKA only)

    Create your own file structure & load your own content (Quizzes, Videos & Static) for a fully customizable experience*. Tools & Analytics are included with a Blank ASANKA.

  • *Requires an ASANKA Cloud Account


Benefits You Will Love



Cheaper Content Distribution

Cheaper to use an ASANKA than to print materials

Cheaper updates because changes can be applied quickly and easily



Faster Content Delivery

Faster distribution of content than through traditional means

Faster to get information where there is no Internet



Easier Resource Accessibility

Easier to distribute lots of content to many people at the same time

Easier to distribute content to large a number people without Internet



Customisable and Restrictable

Customise device with your own content

Customise access



Simpler Content Sharing

Simply connect with any WiFi enabled device

Simply access content like browsing at no cost



Different Multimedia Formats

Upload your content in varied multimedia formats for users

Access multimedia content of your preference anytime


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Pickup address:
TECHAiDE Offices
A133/20, 11th Close, Dansoman, Accra

Buy an ASANKA at the following locations

Bonyeb Ventures

Oyoko, Koforidua

Coming soon

Ulti-Tek Ventures

North Kwesimintsim, Sekondi

+233244648748 / +233202929761

Get in TOUCH

1 Cardinal Ln, Accra

Whatsapp number

+233 265.733.200
(Available hours: Mon - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm GMT)