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What is ASANKA?

ASANKA is a system that compiles and delivers rich content in a user friendly and easy to access format hosted on low cost, low powered durable device. ASANKA is the Ghanaian word for “community bowl”; it is a free information delivery architecture for relevant content for all.

The content in video, audio, and text formats can be accessed with any device with wireless capabilities (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc). A single ASANKA device can support 20+ wireless devices and provides a more affordable way to deliver content.


Do more with ASANKA

  • Quizzes

    Learn with well developed quizzes

  • Surveys

    Gather feedback from user through surveys

  • Videos

    Learn with professional videos

  • Static

    Content is available in various downloadable formats - PDF, Word Doc, Excel, Power Point and more

  • Games

    Learn through interactive games

  • Analytics

    Get progressive insights and usage statistics from tracking (requires an ASANKA Cloud Account)


Benefits You Will Love



Cheaper Content Distribution

Cheaper to use an ASANKA than to print materials

Cheaper updates because changes can be applied quickly and easily



Faster Content Delivery

Faster distribution of content than through traditional means

Faster to get information where there is no Internet



Easier Resource Accessibility

Easier to distribute lots of content to many people at the same time

Easier to distribute content to large a number people without Internet



Customisable and Restrictable

Customise device with your own content

Customise access



Simpler Content Sharing

Simply connect with any WiFi enabled device

Simply access content like browsing at no cost



Different Multimedia Formats

Upload your content in varied multimedia formats for users

Access multimedia content of your preference anytime



To purchase an ASANKA, kindly call the following numbers

+233 303.976.600
+233 26.5733.200 / +233 26.9147.400

Whatsapp number: +233 265.733.100
(Available hours: Mon - Friday, 8am - 5pm GMT)

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