Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, with ASANKA


ASANKA supports the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.


Introducing ASANKA

First of its kind “OFFLINE” Learning Management System (LMS) designed by Africans that overcomes infrastructure and internet connectivity challenges.



Educational Benefits

With any wifi-enabled smart device, you can Access and Distribute Information, Collect Data, Educate and Entertain all from one little device.

Digital Knowledge Hub

A Digital Knowledge Hub is a central repository for digital content, encompassing a wide range of formats like static websites, Office files, PDFs, videos, audio, and images. ASANKA serves as a comprehensive and easily accessible Digital Knowledge Hub, sharing its content with up to 30 wifi-enabled devices for free.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Evidence-based decision making relies on gathering data and research through ASANKA to inform choices, ensuring decisions are grounded in facts and real-world observations. This approach enhances informed and effective outcomes by prioritizing empirical evidence over personal opinions or assumptions.

Learning Management System (LMS)

ASANKA Offline Learning Management System (LMS) is a versatile and customizable platform designed to enhance teaching and maximize learning outcomes. It centralizes learning and training management for easier organization, administration, and tracking of educational activities, tailored to meet African educational needs.

Human Resource
Human Resource Management

ASANKA simplifies Human Resource Management by tracking user profiles for administrators, teachers, and students. This tracking provides valuable insights into attendance, progress, and performance, enabling administrators to effectively manage their resources.

Examples of Preloaded Local Content (Ghanaian Educational Content)

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